Aditya Polytechnic college

Electronics and Communication Engineering

The demand for Electronics and Communication engineers is well-known and we are confident of providing the industry with the best talents in ECE. The faculty is just another reason which holds the department in great esteem for they are not just an experienced lot but also highly qualified individuals. With labs like Digital Electronics, Micro Processors, VLSI, Embedded systems, Image processing and Computer Networks, our students get access to technology and beyond.

The final year projects performed by our students are innovative and have achieved path breaking success, as some of them went on to gain major recognition in the student fraternity. Some of the projects are - Robots (which can serve tea), Scrolling Board, Mobile Jammer, Vehicle Tracking System GPS, etc.

In totality, students would have a whole wide range of career options to choose from Cellular & Mobile Communications, Testing and Design, Optical Fiber Communications, Tele-Communications and Navigation, Software and Hardware and Consumer and entertainment devices, etc.