Aditya Polytechnic college

Department of Petroleum Technology

Diploma in Petroleum Technology students covers a broad education spectrum from Exploration of Hydrocarbons to Refining and Transportation of Oil and Gas. This requires understanding of knowledge of pure and applied sciences along with different disciplines. Petroleum engineers search for Crude Oil and Natural Gas Reservoirs beneath the Earth's surface. Since Petroleum engineering is truly an interdisciplinary program where the inputs from different disciplines are required. Therefore we have to provide balanced education in essential (Geology, Chemical Engineering, Reservoir, Drilling, Production, Refining, Marine Engineering and Environment) areas of Petroleum Engineering.

Petroleum Engineering deals with understanding of subsurface which is not directly seen. Risk and uncertainty has to be addressed while developing any methodology. Hence realization of problem, analysis of problem and capability to find plausible solution leads to considerate knowledge of different disciplines. A petroleum engineer is a core member of any team consisting of geologists, geophysicists, chemical engineers, mechanical engineers and environmental engineers as he is aware of developments in each field relevant to petroleum industry. He is a link between different disciplines. It is often seen in petroleum industry that career path can change from one area to another therefore students need to be prepared when change occurs. Future graduates must be prepared to adapt, be diverse, and aware. It is the program's objective to provide students with the knowledge required to meet these challenges by participating in social and professional activities, by attending seminars and lectures, by obtaining internships or at the least, interacting with industry. This allows students realize the evolving challenges in petroleum industry.

A career in Petroleum Industry requires effective use of brain and hand. They should have desire to work in field and also need to understand professional software to explain risk and uncertainty. Petroleum engineers are recruited in national and private oil and gas companies, contractor and service companies, engineering consulting firms, government agencies, oil field services, and equipment suppliers. Petroleum engineers also work as consultant. With growing use of specialized software in Petroleum Industry, the engineers have opportunity to work in software industry as well.

Programmes offered

DPT (Diploma in Petroleum Technology)