Aditya Polytechnic college

Petroleum Technology

One of those important yet rare engineering disciplines is the field of Petroleum Engineering, and at Aditya, we recognize the value it renders to the society. Petroleum Engineering is a study of Crude Oil and Natural Gas and aims at enabling the students with knowledge of Exploration, Drilling, Production and Reservoir Engineering as well as efficiently utilizes their skills to explore further.

We have laboratories covering all Disciplines like Exploration (Geology Lab and Petroleum Geo-Chemistry lab), Drilling (Drilling Fluids), Production (Petroleum Analysis) and Reservoir Engineering Lab. Along with Technical Laboratories we have Simulation Laboratories covering Reservoir and Oil&Gas Plant Design.

Our experienced and highly qualified faculty ensures that our students get access to all possible information related to Petroleum. With practical training and regular field visits, our students will not only be industry ready but also kindle their interests to march towards excellence in the field of Petroleum Engineering.